install yii and create new project in Netbeans

  1. download xampp and install
  2. set path PHP  [root..]\xampp\php\ in
    Click right My Computer >> Select Property >> Advanced
    Click Environment Variables
    Select Path
    sample add   ;D:\xampp\php
  3. download yii extract framework folder to   xampp\hdocs
  4. create you web app run cmd in windows
    cd to you hdocs folder yii003
    php framwork/yiic webapp [webapp name] enter
  5. download select netbeans for php and install,but you don’t have java download install JDK 7 in and reinstall netbeans
  6. download yii plugin for netbeans download
  7. open netbeans select menu Tools >> Plugin >> Download   Add you file plugin  and click accept license
  8. restart netbeans set framework select Tools >> Optionyii004
    copy all path to past in text box and click OK
  9. Click New Project
    yii005and select php version 5.3 and next to finish create project
  10. Finish